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On 19th July 2008, to Joseph and Catherine Kelly, son number two - Thomas Christopher, 7lbs 2oz, at Wrexham Maelor General Hospital, North Wales.

Thomas was a name we both liked, and Christopher as it was my dad’s middle name, and in memory of Chris Dabney.

This of course makes Thomas TCK - very appropriate as he was born just a few weeks before the 15th anniversary of dad ’s death.

Incidentally, 19th July is also Alice’s birthday.

Many thanks to everyone who sent messages and cards.
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This is a bit of a sensitive one - so apologies in advance to anyone upset by it, but it ’s an important piece of family history.

Several relatives have told me over the years that our grandfather, William Kelly of Corglancy, was dismissed from the Irish Police Force for stealing a colleague ’s cigarettes.

In November 2007, a contact, Inspector Patrick McGee, of the Garda in Dublin, kindly agreed to look into this story for me, and these are the documents he found (or rather said were in the files, which might be different!).
Document two here is William’s application form, in his own hand. I was suprised to see that he had such good handwriting! It ’s also interesting that he states he has relatives in “Donegal and Mayo”. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Document one here is a summary of the details on file. Note it says the circumstances of William ’s departure was VOLUNTARY RESIGNATON.
Document three is the entry in the Garda Record Sheet recording a monetary award for “GOOD POLICE DUTY”.
What can we conclude concerning the cigarettes story? Not much, unfortunately. My contact assured me that these were the only ‘publicly-available’ documents on file at the Garda archives relating to William Kelly, but - if a formal enquiry was conducted at the time - there ought to have been a record of it. Maybe there is but it ’s still confidential? Another possible is that the theft did take place, and grandad was allowed to leave the police voluntarily with nothing recorded on his files.

Whatever, as far as the public record is concerned, there is no such stain on his character, so the story remains safely in the realms of family anecdote.
Paudraig has also confirmed that the Canadian runner James Duffy, who was killed in the Great War, was indeed a relative of ours. Jimmy - who was recently honoured in the “Jimmy Duffy’s Last Run” marathon, is buried in Vlamertinge (Belgium, near Ypres). Plot 1, Row F. Grave 14.
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Following the visit of Paudraig, Margaret, Dave, Julie and Patricia to Belgium in Nov 2006, I ’ve been told that we have a Kelly ancestor who lost his life in the Great War.
   Edward (Eddy) Kelly was a private (Service No: 19939) in the 7th/8th Battallion Royal Irish Fusiliers, when he was killed on 22nd August 1917, aged 24. He was the son of James and Alice Kelly, of Treenadulla, Beagh, Dromahair. Alice was a sister of my gran, Margaret Kelly.
   The official name of the battle in which Edward was killed is 3rd Ypres, but it is universally known as the Battle of Passchendaele because it was really a series of engagements with the one objective of taking Passchendaele Village and its Ridge.
   The particular action he was involved in was three weeks of ill-advised attacks on Langemark by General Haig, who finally abandoned the insanity just four days after Edward was killed. There are plenty of websites devoted to Passchendale and this disastrous campaign.
    Edward is buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium, grave ref: XVIII.D. 1a.
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